Fedora 25 VirtualBox 5.1 Guest Addition Installation

Almost every time I install Fedora as a guest operating system on VirtualBox, I get some errors. This time I got “Warning: unsupported pre-release version of X.Org Server installed.  Not installing the X.Org drivers.” error. You might get errors related to missing packages or unsupported kernel or incompatible verisions of packages etc…

I fixed the error as below, hope it helps.

1- First of all change to root user.

2- Update the all packages and reboot with the updated kernel.

It is not necessary to update all packages for VirtualBox Guest Additions, you should update the kernel and Xorg packages to avoid the Xorg errors. It is easier and also always better to keep the system up-to date.

3- Install necessary packages

4- Download and install the latest version of VirtualBox Guest Additions.

5- Finally reboot the guest and now VirtualBox Guest Additions are ready.