About Me


I, Serhat Güngör, am a computer engineer. On February 2002, I’ve started my professional career and since then I’ve worked in several Telecom projects in different countries such as Japan, Dominican Republic, Egypt and Turkey.

Since I’ve lived in different locations because of my job, I had chance to travel couple of countries. Many of my friends and friends of my friends asked my advises when they’ve decided to travel abroad, especially for Dominican Republic and Japan. That’s my main motivation to create this blog. I will try to write my advises on my blog so that more people can benefit.

Also I will try to add some content related to Enterprise Architecture and food I tried/cooked.

I am from Denizli, Turkey which is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey famous with Pamukkale.

Countries I’ve Travelled

Feel free to use Contact page for any question.